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This is about THAT SONG. You know the one. That song that when you hear it, your stomach sort of does a little flutter because you feel what they feel, and you know exactly what they’re going through. Well that’s the beauty of music. It speaks to everyone, and everyone can find a little meaning in any song. The best songs are not the top 40 club hits that you hear on the radio, they are the ones that are universally understandable. The songs that have lasting value are not the ones about sipping on gin and juice, partying all night or having promiscuous sex with the banginest girls in the club. The best songs aren’t about waking up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy and they definitely aren’t about making them good girls go bad. They are the ones that almost everyone can relate to because everyone has been that way. You find truth in the words of music, in the sound of music and in the way music makes you feel. It’s the songs like this that are timeless.


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